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Dr. Toh Keng Kiat

Consultant in Haematology & Internal Medicine
​Assoc. Prof. (Practice)
FAMS, FISH, MBBS (SG) MRCP (UK), FRCP (E), FRCP (G), FRCP (LON), Physician (Haematology)


About Dr. Toh

Language Spoken: English

Department: Haematology & Internal Medicine

Participated in Singapore’s first private cord blood bank and is the current Medical Director of Cryoviva Singapore, a cord blood and tissue bank with activities in the Middle East, India, Thailand, Singapore and South-East Asia. Served in public health service until he started his own consultancy practice in the private sector in haematology and oncology.


Clinical Interests & Contributions

Due to Dr Toh’s efforts in exploring to start bone marrow transplants in Singapore in Hammersmith Hospital and Edinburgh, his group were the first to carry out 2 such transplants in Mt.Elizabeth Hospital in the private sector. Since then, Bone Marrow transplants have become commonly done in Singapore’s private sector.

His love of academic medicine has been expressed by his being a part of Monash University as Associate Professor (Practice) in the Malaysian Johor Bahru campus, actively lecturing and tutoring students in clinical medicine and is regularly an examiner at the university since 2007.

Dr Toh’s caring nature found its expression in the several Community Services he worked in. A CCC chairman, he was nominated a Member of Parliament and served from 1992 to 1994. Dr Toh was a Rotarian and led the Singapore Rotary Club in the International Rotary Convention here in 1999. He has served as a member of the Christian Brothers’ Schools Board for nearly 30 years. He received a Gold Medal for his services from Alumni Association of medical graduates in 2019 for his services. Working with clinical research organisations as a consultant, Dr Toh has published multiple medical journals regarding haematology and more.

He maintains a consultancy practice in haematology to date.


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Fellow, Royal College of Physicians of London

Fellow, Royal College of Physicians of Glasgow

Fellow, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Fellow, International Society of Haematology

Fellow, Academy of Medicine, Singapore

Member, Royal College of Physicians (UK)

Bachelor of Surgery, University of Singapore

Bachelor of Medicine, University of Singapore









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