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Besides serving thousands of local patients, we have also served patients from almost 40 different countries.


We are available for teleconsultations and also to guide you with any further queries on getting treated in Singapore, such as insurance claims and process of traveling.

We stand ready to assist at all times.

With the existing travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, International Cancer Specialists is dedicated to offering you face-to-face teleconsultations from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.

Contact us to arrange a session with our friendly doctors at the link below.

Medical Oncology

First Consultation

Follow-up Consultation


First Consultation

Follow-up Consultation

Personalised Nutrition

First Consultation

Follow-up Consultation

SGD $256.95

SGD $149.80

Price inclusive of 7% GST

SGD $374.50 – 535.00

SGD $160.50 – 321.00

Price inclusive of 7% GST

SGD $192.60

SGD $107.00

Price inclusive of 7% GST


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